You want to get the Word of God to the Public?

We can help YOU and YOU can help us

Getting the Word out to the public is not always a simple process, but THIS is a simple process. This mobile ministry gives help and support to our many blessed mobile ministry groups -- gathering together gospel-based materials and bibles from many, many Christian groups that have been struggling to keep their materials accessible to truckers!

1. Donation of materials from ministries are assembled into Salviton Packets  (CDs, pamphlets, New Testament)

2. Refurbished newspaper boxes are blessed and repainted to become 'Salvataion Boxes'.

3. Trucker and corporate support (that could be YOU) helps with the care for these boxes.

4. Donations to shipping cost .

5. We have more ready to go!

6. Be ready with more prayers,

and be a sponsor of a box.

Other truck stops want these boxes. We do not want our truckers to travel alone without these CDs, bibles and other Christian materials.

WE ARE ONLY LIMITED BY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO HELP . . . if God is calling you to do any of these small steps which are reaping such overwhelming results....join us!